Are your job ads turning off the BIPOC community?

Did you know that everyday "gotcha" words can immediately turn off BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, Person of Color) communities?


Many Black candidates exit your job ad if you use such everyday phrases like below because of their potentially offensive nature:

ongig text analyzer flags offensive words

If you want to hire more women of color, the 3 benefits that are most important to them are:

benefits for job descriptions ongig text analyzer

To attract candidates of Latin American origin, be careful what context you use for phrases such as:

latin american exclusionary terms

If a candidate is born outside of the U.S., you could turn them off with phrases such as:

non us born citizen exclusionary terms

To be inclusive to the entire Asian community, you need to watch out for phrases such as:

asian american exclusionary terms

To widen your net of candidates from the Indigenous community, steer clear of terms such as:

asian american exclusionary terms

Free Resources on How to Eliminate Racial Bias


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