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Job Descriptions

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Software engineer job description
gender bias score for job descriptions

Software engineer job description

Are your job descriptions biased?

  • Are women turned off by the masculine words you use?

  • Is your text inclusive to people of all races, age and physical ability?

  • Have you checked your job postings for words/phrases that could get you sued?

Are your job descriptions boring?

  • Are your job descriptions too long?

  • Do they use language that sounds like legalese?

  • Do you use too many bullets?

Ongig job description text analyzer complex words

eeo statements for job descriptions

Do you struggle with job descriptions that are inconsistent?

  • Is your EEO statement on the right jobs in the right countries?

  • Is your About Us statement consistent on 100% of your postings?

  • Is your job description template and tone consistent?

  • Are you able to press a button to instantly change any section?

Can you control what video, image or recruiting widget goes on any job page in real-time?

  • Add video to any job/career site page

  • Add pictures to any job page

  • Add recruiting widgets such as Glassdoor, LinkedIn, Comparably, WalkScore and Chat/Comments to any job page...all in real-time!

ongig recruitment media library

google for jobs candidate search

Are your career site and job pages fully-optimized for Google A.I., SEO and Mobile?

  • Can candidates do an A.I.-based search from your career site and easily find a job? Is it as easy as using Google?

  • Is Google or Bing et al penalizing you for not SEO-optimizing your job pages?

  • What's the mobile candidate experience of your job descriptions?

Do you know which traffic sources work best (whether internal or external)?

  • Do you know your top sources of traffic and which converts best?

  • Do you know the apply rate of every job (and by source)!?

  • Are you in full control of the ROI on your job traffic partnerships?

recruiting analytics report


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