Enhance Your Job Descriptions with Ongig's Text Analyzer

Standardize Your Job Ads

Inconsistencies like varied fonts, missing sections, or lack of uniformity, can be a turn-off. Ongig's software scans your postings for these issues and helps create automated templates for different roles, so you can easily create consistent content across roles. A huge time-saver for your recruiters.

Improve Readability

Is your job content full of jargon, overly technical language, or lengthy requirement lists that might intimidate potential applicants? Ongig evaluates your job postings for clarity and offers "plain language" suggestions to make them more approachable and easy to understand.

Build a Job Library

Are your job ads stored all over the place? Still relying on MS Word, Excel, or shared drives for job description management? Ongig's centralized cloud-based job library saves your team time when creating new or editing existing job postings to speed up your hiring process.

Remove Gender-Coded Language

Words can be perceived differently by different genders. Ongig's tool carefully reviews your job ads, postings, and descriptions, flagging gender-biased language. And we suggest gender-neutral alternatives, ensuring your job postings are balanced and appealing to all.

Remove Exclusionary Words

Some words might unintentionally discourage candidates from diverse backgrounds. Ongig highlights these "exclusionary" words in your job postings and suggests more inclusive alternatives. This helps you attract a wider range of talented candidates.

Get API-Driven Insights

Looking for data to make smarter hiring decisions? Try Ongig's API for comprehensive insights into the effectiveness of your job postings. This data-driven approach empowers you to improve your application rates and fine-tune your recruitment strategy.


carrie hannah

"When we first began talking to Ongig in late 2019 we were looking for a product that didn’t quite exist yet, but Ongig’s Text Analyzer was the closest we had found to what we were looking for. We approached Ongig with a dream and a hopeful release date. Ongig not only eagerly took on the challenge and made that dream a reality but made it even better than we had expected it to be. We now have a dynamic, automated job posting process that successfully works together with our internal system, Ongig, and the job boards we advertise on."

Carrie Hannah

Director of Recruitment Marketing -- Supplemental Health Care
lexi jones

"Ongig changed our game for the better and everyone on this HR team are big fans!"

Lexi Jones

SVP of People -- SecureLink, Chief People Officer -- OfficeSpace Software
sean cervera

"It's a no-brainer. We need the BEST tools! Ongig has been instrumental in ensuring that we take an inclusive and equitable approach to the language we use in our job descriptions, communications with employees and patients as well as the marketing tactics we use to promote our brand. Ongig has been foundational in assessing the most effective and inclusive word choice for a plethora of strategic initiatives.”

Sean Cervera

Head of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging SimpleHealth, Curology & Cruise
anila brown

"We are enjoying the tool (Text Analyzer) and have improved our overall results quickly."

Anila Brown

Head of Organizational Development and Learning Harris Computer

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