Text Analyzer Features

Standardize Your Job Ads

Create consistency & compliance through templates, AI & automation.

Remove Gender-Coded Language

Flag & remove gender-coded words in job postings.

Build a Job Library

Streamline workflow & job description storage.

puzzle piece with magnifying glass

Improve Readability

Replace jargon & long lists with easy-to-understand suggestions.

Remove Exclusionary Words

Replace bias with more inclusive language for underrepresented groups.

Get API-Driven Insights

Get the data you need to drive hiring strategy.

Text Analyzer Product Tiers

Tailored Solutions for Your Job Description Management Needs

Basic Tier

  • Gender Decoder
  • Exclusionary Language Flags
  • Readability Recommendations
  • Cloud-Based Job Library

Professional Tier

  • Everything from Basic Tier plus
  • Template Builder
  • Pay Compliance
  • 1-Way ATS Job Import
  • AI Writing & Debias Tools

Premium Tier

  • Everything from Professional Tier plus...
  • Advanced Templating
  • Single Sign-On (SSO)
  • 2-Way ATS Integration
  • Large Scale Job Automation

Enterprise Tier

  • Everything from Premium Tier plus...
  • API Integration
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Custom Reporting

Custom API

  • Total & Gender Score
  • Gender Bias Label
  • Other Custom Scores
  • Fully Customized Analysis