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Ongig's mission is to provide job descriptions that candidates and employers love.

Candidates love our client's job descriptions because they are attention grabbing, highly engaging and easy to find. Employers love our job descriptions because they boost the number of quality candidate applications.

We fulfill our mission in a few ways:

Company Career Site Search

Most searches of ATS-generated job descriptions are poor at best. Our Artificial Intelligence-based "Intuitive Search" gives the candidate the very best job listings in the right order. This immediately boosts your career site search traffic and applications. And the search engine gets smarter with each click!

Dynamic Job Descriptions

Candidates spend minutes (not seconds) on an Ongiggitized job description. We do this by making the JD "sticky" with content such as video, pictures, chat, maps, transit-friendliness, ratings and reviews, live testimonials and more! It's as if the candidate is having a mini-meeting with your team!

Diversity+ Text Analysis

Are your job descriptions gender biased or tainted with negative words? Our software shows you gender bias, positive sentiment and other key attributes of your job content.

Rewriting Job Descriptions

Our professional copywriting team rewrites your job descriptions to be outwardly-focused, persuasive ads. One recent client tripled applications from women after using Ongig.

Custom Videos

Do you have a hard-to-fill position or high-volume jobs to fill? Our pro video team takes raw of finished video and turns it into a tight :45 second video with voice over and text overlay; we'll even market the video for you on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and LinkedIn.

Some of our core beliefs are

The more friction we remove between the hiring parties involved, the better.

Every job is a social network -- And our focus is to organize and automate what the employer, candidates and referrals around each job are already doing.

Every job is like a million dollar transaction (see The 80/20 of Hiring: How Your Next Star is Worth $30,457,216) -- So lets treat every job description like it's a Super-Bowl ad!