Ongig's mission is to give employers the best job pages in their industry.

Ongig job pages are mobile friendly

By "Job Pages", we mean:

Our first creation was a job ad that for the first time included video, pictures, social media and commenting. That 10X’d candidate engagement as measured by time on page.

Our next creation was the Ongig Employer Branding SaaS platform for employers to use to Ongiggitize their jobs by location, department or across the entire enterprise.

Two tenets Ongig believes strongly in are:

  1. The more friction Ongig removes between candidates and employers, the better the hire will be.
  2. Every job has a natural social network surrounding it (hiring team, candidates and connectors); and the more Ongig can help organize the members of that job’s social network, the more successful the hire will be for all.

We welcome you to join Ongig's mission!


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