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Are you making it easy for job seekers? 

Do you ever wonder if people have a hard time applying for your job postings? Making sure candidates have a good experience on your job site is key to finding great hires. We want to help you improve candidate experience and fix problems that might stop you from finding top talent.

Common Problems Candidates Face:

Hard to Navigate: It can be tough for people to find the job info they need fast.

Not Great on Mobile: Most job seekers use a mobile device to find jobs. If your site doesn't work well, they might give up.

Slow Websites: If your job site is slow, people might get annoyed and leave.

Hard to Find: If your jobs don’t show up well on Google or job sites, people won’t see them.

How Ongig Helps Improve Candidate Experience

Quick Connections

We link up with job search tools, applicant tracking systems, and Google for Jobs to make everything smoother.


Our tools make your job posts readable and accessible on any mobile device, making it easier to apply.

Enhanced Usability

We boost your site's speed and make it easier to navigate, creating a better user experience for every visitor.

Custom Landing Pages

We help build pages for specific teams, locations, or initiatives like veterans programs and ERGs.

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AI Based Job Search

We improve your search to make it easy for talent to find the right jobs (fast). Creating a better candidate experience.

Increased Visibility

We help improve SEO so your job postings are easier to find, and you get more folks to click "Apply".

Interactive Features

We help increase page time by adding recruiting widgets to your site like chat, Google Maps, Glassdoor, video, & more.

Tracking & Analytics

We use tools like LookerStudio to create custom reports to show how well your hiring process is working.

Candidate Experience Success Stories

Companies across different industries use Ongig to improve candidate experience. Here are some examples of how we’ve helped:

Cambium's candidate experience goals

  • Merge all brands into one career site
  • Create a better search experience for users (by job title, job type, job family, or company)


Wipfli's candidate experience goals

  • Increase overall traffic to their career site
  • Be inclusive to veterans with an enhanced job search


Babbel's candidate experience goals

  • Merge their US brand with their Berlin brand into one career site
  • Show job seekers what "Life at Babbel" is like through a dedicated landing page

Life at Babbel Page Improve Candidate Experience

Improve Candidate Experience with Ongig

Don’t lose top talent to a tricky job site. Team up with Ongig to make applying easy and fun. Get in touch to see how we can help you attract the best candidates.