Transform your career site and job postings

Ongig's Career Site Builder gives you A.I.-based career site job search (in partnership w/ Google) and the #1 most dynamic job postings in the world. All pages are video/mobile/SEO-optimized and integrate with your ATS.




Candidate experience often begins with your career site job search. Our A.I.-based search and browse has proven to increase job search traffic by 73% and boost applications by 32%+

Ongig AI job search page

Enhanced job descriptions begin with your employer branding. Show videos, galleries of pictures and a consistent header/footer, URL, logo, color scheme and fonts consistent with your brand!

Ongig job posting

10X your time on page by adding different recruiting widgets like video, Chat, Glassdoor, Walkability/Transit Scores, Google Maps, LinkedIn and much more.

Ongig dynamic job description

You get auto-generated landing page for each of your departments/functions that will help you recruit. Also great for SEO!

Sales recruiting microsite

You also get an auto-generated set of landing pages for each of your cities, states and even countries! You control the media and widgets on every real-time.

Chicago recruiting microsite

Ongig's recruitment media library allows you to add recruiting videos and pictures to your ATS job pages in real-time.

Ongig recruiting media library

View your traffic sources and apply rate by internal sources, external sources and by every job!

Ongig analytics dashboard

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