Do you have inconsistent and outdated job descriptions?

Are your job descriptions:

  • too long?
  • formatted poorly?
  • do they have inconsistent sections like responsibilities?
  • are they missing sections (like EEO, salary, and diversity)?
  • do they have too many bullets?
  • are they stored in multiple places in different formats?
  • do they have too much jargon and abbreviations?

Job ads that are too long, full of internal jargon, or lack consistency can discourage candidates who expect clear and professional communication. Even small issues, like different fonts or missing sections, can drive potential candidates away.

And, you need to be super-automated to get 100's or 1,000's of effective, consistent, bias-free job ads out the door, fast.

There is a Solution: One Centralized Job Description Software System, in the Cloud!

Ongig's job description software makes it easier for you to create job ads. It helps you keep a consistent style, stay compliant, and improve the quality of your job postings. Our software offers:

Custom Templates for Uniform Style & Structure

Easily build and manage job description templates. This helps keep your tone and style the same for all job posts. And, you can "lock" template sections, so your approved language stays the same across job families and locations. This is key for maintaining your brand's identity for all roles.

Compliance and Quality Control Measures

Automatically add required sections like EEO statements and salary. This keeps your job ads current with state and federal regulations, ensuring compliance. Our goal is to help you create great job descriptions and avoid legal issues.

Version Tracking and Job Description Storage

Create a central repository of job descriptions, for easy updates and edits. Save favorite, well-written, or jobs that "need work" to speed up editing time. And, track versions to ensure your recruiters and hiring managers use the most current information.

Applicant Tracking System Integration API

Integrate with your existing Applicant Tracking System (ATS) via API. Choose 1-way or 2-way data exchange based on your product tier for a smoother recruitment process. We integrate with many ATSs, and we have some clients with their own custom applicant tracking system.

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Our job description software also promotes inclusivity by flagging exclusionary language in your job postings (or other content). It suggests "plain language" alternatives and offers tips to make your job postings easier to read. This makes your job ads more accessible and welcoming to all candidates.

Job Description Software Use Case: Healthcare Staffing

supplemental healthcare use case

We helped Supplemental Healthcare (SHC) solve their job description management problem. Our job description software now automates 100% of SHC’s job posting process. 

Now they don't need a recruiter to write and manually post every job, even when they post over 100,000 jobs per month

Read how SHC improved its job description workflow through custom templates and automation. 

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