Google A.I. Job Search

google ai job search flow

Embed A.I. Job Search on Your Career Site with Just 3 Lines of Code

  1. Add an empty div to your webpage and give the div an ID attribute.
  2. Before the closing tag, insert the Pym.js javascript library:
  3. Following the Pym.js script tag, add the following javascript block:

We now live in a "one-click" world where users expect to find things with a click of a button. Shouldn't candidates have as good a search experience on your career site as they do on, Amazon and Netflix.

If you have just one change to make to your career site today, please make it this:

  • Ask us to embed Ongig's job search onto your career site (it's just 3 lines of code!)
  • This new A.I.-based search will boost the # of searches
  • It will send candidates to the most relevant ATS job page
  • It will boost the number of applications (32% to 802%)
  • It will boost your candidate experience and employer branding overnight -- tech candidates will notice you're using A.I. tech and reward you with their attention!
  • And you get this enhanced A.I. job search for an affordable investment.

You'll Now Have the Best Veterans Job Search Too!

The ATS Job Search Embed also supports veteran job search. Veterans of the Army, Marines, Air Force and Navy can type in military job codes into your career site search to find their jobs.

For example, a veteran of the U.S. army can type "26B" (military code for "Information Systems engineer" and get relevant results like this example below:

veteran job search page ongig

And remember: all you need to do is add a few lines of code to your career site. Ongig's ATS Job Search Embed will then more effectively search all the job postings stored in your ATS.

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