Embed Ongig's AI Based Job Search on Your Career Site with Just 3 Lines of Code

In our one-click world, a smooth and intuitive search experience isn’t just desired, it's expected. Do you want to transform your career site to make it easier to navigate and user-friendly as tech giants like Google and Amazon? Ongig's AI based job search is just 3 lines of code away.

The search is intuitive and gets smarter as it goes (based on real searches from your career site). For example, a search of “HR” on your career site likely produces exact matches of “HR” including false positives. A search of “HR” on Ongig’s AI based job search powered by Google better understands the candidate's intent!

8 Reasons to Upgrade to AI Based Job Search

  1. Higher Application Rates: Get a boost in applications by 32% to 802%.
  2. Easy Integration: Compatible with many ATSs, from Taleo to Workday.
  3. No Disruptions: Your existing setup remains unaffected.
  4. Better Matches: Increase search activity and direct candidates to the most relevant ATS job pages.
  5. Streamlined Process: Help candidates find the right job faster (even if they misspell what they're searching for).
  6. Customizable Design: Tailor the look to match your site and branding.
  7. Universal Compatibility: Our solution fits any website technology, with easy developer use.
  8. Improved Candidate Journey: Create a more inclusive search experience (for veterans and other underrepresented groups).

PeopleReady Use AI for Job Search -- Here's what they say: 

peopleready-testimonial"Just a quick kudos – the Ongig searches are very, very impressive. I was testing it using spelling errors, partial titles, and a number of user generated queries, and I’m getting back lists of jobs that are relevant to any search. Great technology. Thank you all for your time on this -- I expect an uptick in organic applications as we track the reports." 

Jim Durbin, Director of Talent Acquisition

Veteran-Friendly Job Search

The AI based job search embed for your ATS supports veteran job search

Veterans of the Army, Marines, Air Force, and Navy can easily find jobs by entering their military codes. 

  • U.S. Army: Uses Military Occupational Specialties (MOS) codes. 
  • U.S. Marine Corps: Also uses MOS codes, but with a different structure than the Army.
  • U.S. Navy: Uses Navy Enlisted Classification (NEC) codes for enlisted roles, and designator codes for officers.
  • U.S. Air Force: Uses Air Force Specialty Codes (AFSC). 

For example, a veteran from the U.S. Army can type "36b" (military code for "Financial Management Technician") and get relevant results like this example below:


Or, a veteran from the U.S. Navy can type "ITS" (military code for "Information Systems Technician") and find roles like the example below:


And remember: all you need to do is add a few lines of code to your career site. Ongig's AI based job search will then efficiently search all the job postings in your ATS. 

Compatible with Any Applicant Tracking System

This AI job search engine upgrade is compatible with any ATS you might use, from Taleo to Workday and beyond, so there are no disruptions to your existing setup. To see the full list of ATS systems that are compatible with Ongig, visit our ATS Partners page.