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Candidate experience often begins with your career site job search. Our A.I.-based search and browse has proven to increase job search traffic by 73% and boost applications by 32%+

Dynamic Job Descriptions

Enhanced job descriptions begin with your employer branding. Show videos, galleries of pictures and a consistent header/footer, URL, logo, color scheme and fonts consistent with your brand!

Recruiting Content

10X your time on page by adding different recruiting widgets like video, Chat, Glassdoor, Walkability/Transit Scores, Google Maps, LinkedIn and much more.

Responsive Mobile Design

Mobile-optimize every job page so that your content snaps into place for a stellar mobile candidate experience.

Recruiting Media Library

Ongig's recruitment media library allows you to upload recruiting videos and pictures from any visual platform to the Ongig app and place them on relevant job pages.

Job Description Text Analysis

Words matter -- Instantly analyze every word in your job description for gender bias, positive sentiment, word count, SEO and more -- and slice it by department, location, recruiter and hiring manager!

Rewritten Job Descriptions

Are your job descriptions written by ad copywriters to be outwardly-focused, persuasive ads to attract and convert the very best candidates. Our clients have quadrupled the hiring of women, under-represented ethnicities and passive candidates. Each JD is guaranteed a score of 96+ out of 100 as measured by Textio.


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