Streamlining Job Posting Creation through Custom Templating & Automation

When we first began talking to Ongig in late 2019, we were looking for a product that didn’t quite exist yet, but Ongig’s Text Analyzer was the closest we had found to what we were looking for. We approached Ongig with a dream and a hopeful release date. Ongig not only eagerly took on the challenge and made that dream a reality, but made it even better than we had expected.

Kevin and Vanessa have navigated every complication that has come up between our internally built system and Ongig to make sure the template builder works well for our needs.

4 years later, we’ve changed and expanded upon that original idea multiple times, and Ongig has provided every update, customization, and alteration we’ve requested, both big and small. We now have a dynamic, automated job posting process that successfully works together with our internal system, Ongig, and the job boards we advertise on.

Our Challenge

Our challenge was a bit unique. We wanted to have an automated, variable template program for our job postings so that we could move that responsibility from our desk-level recruiters to Marketing-level production and management. We wanted to do this for a variety of reasons, the main being speed to market, brand consistency, and content quality. 

Client Testimonial

How has Text Analyzer helped address your challenges?

The template builder has changed the workflow for our company entirely. We are a large, nationwide staffing company in the healthcare industry with a broad array of staffing needs across the healthcare space.

Ongig’s template builder has allowed us to create variable templates for each setting, pulling through data from our system to create robust, dynamic job postings that meet company and individual job board standards and maintain 100% compliance with all state and federal regulations as well as FCC guidelines.

The template folders help us organize and keep track of every template we need. The template logic allows us to identify which templates belong to which jobs without human intervention. Ongig has significantly helped us increase our speed to market with our job advertisements.

The template builder is by far the most valuable tool for our needs. Through Ongig’s template builder, we have increased the quality and detail of our advertised job postings and have been able to get a detailed automated posting advertised on a job board within the same day of receiving the need. — Carrie Hannah, Director of Recruitment Marketing


"I would (and do often) recommend Ongig to anyone with a large volume of staffing needs. Ongig has been a game changer for our company. Everyone we've worked with has been helpful and kind. Kevin Lanik is the most understanding, patient, and helpful engineer/developer I have ever worked with. Vanessa Pierrard is the absolute best at keeping us all informed, on track, and on time with everything from a requested new feature to scheduling meetings and signing our renewals."

"We have had such a positive experience working with Ongig these past 4 years -- I cannot recommend them enough."