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A.I.-based Career Site Job Search Boosts Applications 32% to 800%

How Ongig job search powered by google works

Using A.I.-based Google Cloud Job Discovery for your job search gives you:

A better candidate experience

Truly relevant job pages are retrieved!

A reason for candidates to try searching more of your jobs

Candidates enjoy the Job Discovery search so much they search more per session (often twice as much as before)

Return searchers

Candidates are so wowed that they even return on another session/day for additional job searches

Increase in applications

Boost the number of applications 32% to 802%

Boost in employer branding

Candidates (especially tech-savvy ones!) love to use searches that produce relevant results. If your career site's job search is high tech, than you must be high tech too!

If you want Ongig's powerful A.I.-based search alone (sending candidates directly to your existing ATS job pages), please check out our ATS Job Search Embed.

Why is Ongig Search powered by Google Cloud Job Discovery a better, more effective experience for job seekers and employers?

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What are features and advantages of using Ongig Search powered by Google Cloud Job Discovery?

Feature Example
Ongig Search w/ Google A.I.
Standard Job Search
Keyword Matching Job seeker searches for a job title, and results returned are exact keyword matches
Company Jargon Recognition rec & asset prot = recovery and asset protection manager
Abbreviation Recognition biz dev = business development
Commute Search Show jobs with a 30 minute commute on public transportation from your home
Spelling Correction bartendar = bartender
Concept Recognition Understanding "server" can mean either wait staff or computer backend
Title Detection Dental assistant vs. assistant jobs with dental benefits
Real Time Query Broadening Automatically expands results to similarly suitable positions
Employer Recognition YouTube returns jobs at YouTube rather than any job with "YouTube" in the description
Job Enrichment Enriching a job with full set of skills.
Advanced Location Mapping Street level address mapping
Location Expansion Expands on location in the event of no results
Seniority Alignment Admin assistant jobs vs. a vice president job with a reporting admin assistant

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