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"73% of all job searches start on Google"

Optimize your job postings for Google For Jobs with Ongig

(No Developer Needed)

What is Google For Jobs?

Google For Jobs is job search engine powered by Google. It indexes all links (from job boards and ATS's) for a specific job posting and puts them on a single job listing.

If you post a job opening on your ATS/career site, LinkedIn, and Glassdoor; instead of returning 3 different organic results (like Google used to) Google now returns 1 result with 3 different buttons.

Like this:

google for jobs apply button

What are some key benefits of Google For Jobs?

  • Enriched search results
  • More targeted candidates
  • Better visibility

In a Ziprecruiter case study, after optimizing their job postings for Google For Jobs they saw:

  • 4.5x higher Google organic conversion rate on job pages
  • Bounce rate for Google visitors to job pages dropped by over 10%
  • 35% rise in monthly organic non-branded traffic

How to make your job postings eligible for Google For Jobs?

Google requires specific schema markup in the HTML code of EVERY job post.

Finding, building, and implementing schema markup requires advanced knowledge of JSON, HTML, and Google's indexing tools.

Ongig allows you to make your job postings Google For Jobs-eligible without having to touch your HTML code (No developer needed).

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