Talent Airport

Find talent and teams being laid-off from Covid in 2020

What You'll Find in this Covid Layoffs/Companies Hiring Doc

  1. Talent Available -- These are candidates who were affected by downsizing/layoffs that many employers have. It's sorted by date in descending order so the most recently announced candidates are named at the top. I can't promise they are all still available but theoretically they were available as of the date next to their name.
  2. Companies Letting Go of Talent -- This is a running tally of employers reportedly letting go of talent. Note to Companies Hiring: many cutting edge candidates laid off at these employers (e.g. WeWork, ZipRecruiter, O'Reilly Media, Rent the Runway, Textio) are NOT in the "Talent Available" tab.
  3. Companies Still Hiring -- This is a list of employers reportedly still hiring.
  4. Other Resources -- Here are some other awesome links related to Covid layoffs/hiring worth checking out.

Thank you, Hiring Heroes!

This Google Doc is the result of a bunch of amazing people and things coming together:

Thank you, everyone! When we get through this Covid Crisis, contributors to this list can look back one day and say they did their best to be on the right side of history.

Stay safe!

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