How ReTargeter's Video Job Descriptions Attracted 3 New Hires in First Month

Editorial Update: ReTargeter was at the time of this Case Study a high-growth pioneering digital advertising company—shortly after this Case Study was published, they were acquired by SellPoints.  

The Problem

ReTargeter believed that there was a lack of detail, engagement, and interaction on job descriptions creating a wide gulf between employers and candidates. This, they found, resulted in wasted time, misinformed decisions, and missed opportunities.

In high growth mode, ReTargeter needed a solution to drive consistent hiring. ReTargeter needed to keep their candidate pipeline full, attract quality talent (not just quantity), and optimize hiring spend.


The Solution

ReTargeter had some valuable qualities as a company that would be attractive to candidates including culture, professional development, respect, and teamwork. They knew these qualities would help their initiative to drive consistent hiring, but they needed a way and channel to communicate it.

Ongig had the perfect solution for them: video job descriptions!

ReTargeter filmed a series of 5 videos in less than 2 hours and the jobs went live within 2 weeks in a phased release. The phased release was planned to allow their team to focus on sharing specific jobs via their social networks one at a time. Here's an example of their video job descriptions using Ongig:

Retargeter Video Job Description

Here's one of the video job descriptions Retargeter created for an Inside Sales Representative:


The Numbers & Results

ReTargeter’s video job description approach to recruiting and hiring resulted in the hiring of three “A-players” in its first month! Let’s take a look at ReTargeter’s Ongig performance metrics from that time period across the 5 positions advertised:


More ReTargeter Video Job Descriptions / Recruitment Videos:

ReTargeter Account Manager Video Job Description

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ReTargeter Executive Assistant Video Job Description


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