The Problem

GoKrt Founder Justin Johnson needed his upstart company to stand out more.

Justin had already used Ongig for a video job description to hire Co-Founder Nathan Ross and he liked what he saw.

This time, Gokrt needed to hire a CTO (Chief Technology Officer) to join the founding team.

As a start-up, hiring a CTO can be a challenging task, especially in a tech-rich region like the Bay Area. Just attracting the attention of someone with the experience and skills of a CTO is difficult enough, not to mention engaging them once you get their attention.

The Solution

Gokrt signed up with Ongig to create a video job description that would help GoKrt show up in the top of Google search results when the CTO candidates Googled "GoKrt".

He got it!

Gokrt found and hired their new Co-Founder & CTO Vivek Jagannathaswamy!

Google search was a huge factor, Vivek said. He did what most people do when they research a company they are interested in... he "Googled" them. This is when Ongig's power Of SEO kicked in and delivered the CTO video job description as the first organic result.

case study final results

Vivek cited this video job description as an influential factor in his conversations with CEO Justin Johnson:

The Process

Gokrt followed these three steps when they launched each video job description on Ongig:

  1. Social: Gokrt leveraged their strong presence on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook immediately when the job went live. In addition, they promptly linked the Ongig video job description from their Gokrt home page.
  2. Interaction (Comments & Live Chat on Job Descriptions): Justin responded quickly to all questions posted by candidates. He also sent the their video job description proactively to his network and each potential candidate they talked with.
  3. Visual (Video Job Description): Candidates searching Gokrt on Google would see the video job description for a CTO above the fold in the top position on the Google results page.
    • When searching the company name "gokrt", their video job description for the CTO position (top hiring priority) was the "top ranked search result".

The Numbers & Results

Once the video attracted Vivek, he became engaged as the video "showed Gokrt's enthusiasm", It gave him an "inside glimpse of their business model". Through the video, Vivek was able to qualify himself more accurately and align with the values and personality of Gokrt's Co-Founders. This made the process on both sides (candidate and employer) more efficient.

Key Numbers

  • Applications: 4
  • Hires: 1

Traffic Sources & Referrals

A main point of emphasis is that nearly 600 visits came to the video job description via Google Organic Search and the Gokrt home page link. Below are the combined metrics for the video job description, including all referral traffic sources:

Total Views: 2,084

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