How ReTargeter's Video Job Descriptions Attracted 3 New Hires in First Month

Editorial Update: ReTargeter was at the time of this Case Study a high-growth pioneering digital advertising company—shortly after this Case Study was published, they were acquired by SellPoints.

The Problem:

ReTargeter believed that there was a lack of detail, engagement, and interaction on job descriptions creating a wide gulf between employers and candidates. This, they found, resulted in wasted time, misinformed decisions, and missed opportunities.

In high growth mode, ReTargeter needed a solution to drive consistent hiring. ReTargeter needed to keep their candidate pipeline full, attract quality talent (not just quantity), and optimize hiring spend.

The Solution:

ReTargeter had some valuable qualities as a company that would be attractive to candidates including culture, professional development, respect, and teamwork. They knew these qualities would help their initiative to drive consistent hiring, but they needed a way and channel to communicate it.

Ongig had the perfect solution for them: video job descriptions!

ReTargeter filmed a series of 5 videos in less than 2 hours and the jobs went live within 2 weeks in a phased release. The phased release was planned to allow their team to focus on sharing specific jobs via their social networks one at a time. Here's an example of their video job descriptions using Ongig:

Retargeter Video Job Description

Here's one of the video job descriptions Retargeter created for an Inside Sales Representative:

The Numbers & Results:

ReTargeter’s video job description approach to recruiting and hiring resulted in the hiring of three “A-players” in its first month! Let’s take a look at ReTargeter’s Ongig performance metrics from that time period across the 5 positions advertised:

Key Numbers:

Referral Traffic:


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