CASE STUDIES Case Study Cover

How's Ongig-Powered Job Description Became One Of The Most Viral On The Internet

Wait a second, 57 people shared a job description? Indeed. Yes, that's rare, and yes, we're going to share how you can achieve those results too.

Weddington Way Case Study Cover

How Weddington Way Used Ongig-Powered Job Descriptions to Close a Top Marketing Analyst

As a small business in such a competitive hiring climate (the Bay Area), the problem they encountered was finding new, creative ways to stand out to candidates and attract top talent while also building their business.

Lending Club Case Study Cover

How Lending Club Recruited a Top Engineer with Ongig-Powered Job Descriptions

Lending Club's tech recruiter Brian Samson said his new process of attracting and hiring software developer Stephen Albin with Ongig was "one of the easiest sells that we've ever done", and saved 300+ hours of recruiting time.

GoKrt Case Study Cover

How GoKrt Used Ongig-Powered Job Descriptions to Recruit Their CTO

Gokrt, an E-commerce shopping tool designed to organize all of your shopping carts from around the web in one place, had a golden opportunity to test Ongig to optimize its recruiting Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Retargeter Case Study Cover

How ReTargeter's Ongig-Powered Job Descriptions Attracted 3 New Hires in First Month

ReTargeter believed that there was a lack of detail, engagement, and interaction on job descriptions creating a wide gulf between employers and candidates. This, they found, resulted in wasted time, misinformed decisions, and missed opportunities.


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