ATS Integration

What is an ATS?

An ATS stands for 'applicant tracking system' or 'applicant tracking software' and first starting appearing around 1998.  ATS's were designed primarily to track candidates who clicked apply on a job req. The first ATS's included Brassring (now owned by IBM-Kenexa) and Taleo/Recruitsoft (now owned by Oracle).

How do ATS's integrate with recruitment marketing platforms?

Many marekting-savvy talent acquisition/recruiting leaders don't want to rely on their ATS to generate their job descriptions and instead choose recruitment marketing platforms to market their job pages. In such instances, a recruitment marketing platform (such as Ongig) will integrate with an employer's ATS through multiple "integration points" provided by the ATS's API (Application Provider Interface) or by a web fetch. This ATS integration process allows an employer to continue to use their ATS as their applicant database of record yet have effective job pages through which to market their jobs.

Which ATS's does Ongig integrate with?

Note: Ongig has never found an ATS system it has not been able to integrate with quickly.

How do ATS's integrate with job boards?

The majority of job boards (Indeed, CareerBuiler, Monster, LinkedIn, Glassdoor, CareerBuilder, etc.) have partnerships with ATS software providers so that the job boards can display the job descriptions from employers using those ATS's.

Why integrate your ATS with a recruitment marketing platform (such as Ongig)?


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